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Come See Artifacts From America’s Most Notorious  Serial Killers & Cults Jeffrey Dahmer Ed Gein Richard Ramirez John Wayne Gacy The Amityville Horror Heaven’s Gate Jonestown And So Much More! It is theorized that objects have the potential to hold energy, and give off mass amounts of energy to those around it.   Take this time to think of an object you may hold dear... it could be a childhood doll, a figurine, a piece of jewelry, or even a hairbrush. When you pass onto the next life, it would make sense for you to check in on this object, protect it, and even attempt to manipulate or use it. This is the case for many objects we have in this museum. Over multiple years, our collection has grown into an assortment of hair-raising, and unsettling items given by hopelessly frightened individuals in need of help.   Most of these objects have been taken from private cases we have worked on. There are a select few items that have been sent to us, or obtained by us through other circumstances.   We want as many brave or interested souls as possible to enter our museum, tour these objects, and possibly even conduct an investigation with them. We want to witness what you feel, see, hear, and all around encounter when put in the same room as our haunted objects and trigger objects. You will have the chance to view haunted items, cursed items, pieces taken from serial killers, items from famously known cults, and objects from the sights of mass death and destruction. A little bit of everything put together to give a chill down the neck of everyone who visits.   2021 TOUR DATES  SHOP NOW! BOZRAH, CT…………………………………………………….. BUY TICKETS MORE COMING SOON! BE SURE TO CHECK THE EVENTS PAGE FOR OTHER EVENTS! MUSEUM PATREON MEMBERS RECEIVE FREE UNLIMITED ADMISSION! To Learn More About Becoming A Patreon Member, Please  CLICK HERE SHOP NOW!